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About us

UNITED TRANS was established by a group of highly motivated professionals in logistics and logistics. And have the ability to handle your freight and logistics to and from major cities around the world by vast global networks.

UNITED TRANS have close relations with Airline and have good services with competitive rates, we are always striving to provide the best service possible, aiming to bring you the competitive edge you need in the business.

UNITED TRANS fully owns the goods processing technique, computer monitoring, warehouse packing, air, ocean and road traffic. Understanding our customers' transportation needs has allowed us to keep our customers informed at all times about the status of the shipment.

Our expectations are tremendous, our goal is huge. At United Trans, we are constantly looking beyond the traditional approach to managing transportation and global transportation. We are not only trying to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions to our clients, we are sure we do.

• UTC was established by a team of highly motivated professionals in the freight forwarding and logistics.
• UTC is a modern, efficient operation with number of skilled and professional staff qualify by IATA.
• UTC have close relations with Airlines and GSA of airlines
• UTC have good services with competitive rates.


Fortime-sensitive shipments, UTC ready to offer acompleterange of airfreight services andrelated products.
• Airport-to-Door, Door-to-Airport, Airport-to-Airport, Door-to-Door;
• Competitive rates – weutilize dozens of airline flights daily and you don’t have to be limited to designatedpickupor deliverytimes;
• Extensive knowledge of import and export requirements, including customs regulations, consular documentation and payment practices;
• Our Partnerships with an exclusive network of partners worldwide.

Sea Freight:

UTC offers a complete range of seafreight services designed to save you both time and money with door-to-door control of all your shipments between more than 100 ports worldwide.
• Coordination of shipments from inland ports as well as port areas;
• Documentation, customs clearance, warehousing, trucking and inland freight services, booking arrangements, shipside deliveries, marine cargo insurance , crating and packing, tracking & tracing;
• Full Container Loads (FCL’s) or Less than Container Loads (LCL’s);
• Break-bulk services, Heavy lift and any Project cargo unsuitable for container loading;
• Door-to-Door, Terminal-to-Terminal or Port-to-Port options;
• Partnerships with an exclusive network of partners worldwide.


UTC offers a full range of road, transportation, products and services. Our logistics experts specialize in all types of ground transportation.
UTC allows for the mostcompetitive rate levels on behalf of our clients withoutcommitmentto specific trucking companies. This hasproven itselfto be most effective and guarantees timely delivery to any door.
Getting through customs quickly and efficiently is a competitive advantage. UTC’s cost-effectivebasic and value-added customs-related services help move your shipmentsthroughcustomsto theirfinal destination assmoothlyas possible.

UTC provides you with:
• Documentation, customs clearance, warehousing, trucking and inland freight services, booking arrangements, cargo insurance, crating andpacking, tracking&tracing;
• Full truck load and Less than truck load;
• Over-dimensional Heavy Haul Services;
• Specialized Equipment;
• Preparation import and export documents to comply with Customs regulations;
• Offer counsel and services in connection with commodity tax rates and duties import and export restrictions, exchange rates, international shipping and transportation regulations;
• Arrange payments for transportation, storage, duties and other expenses related to import/export goods