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Air Freight/AVIATION

Services provided :


UTC is a freight agent and contract carrier with major airlines in the world with high frequency, high capacity and flying to almost every part of the world such as: Singapore Airlines (SQ) China Airlines (CI), Eva Air (BR), Korean Airlines (KE), Asiana Airlines (OZ), United Airlines (UA), Etihad (EY), Finnair (AY), Turkish Airlines (TK), Vietnam Airlines (VN)…


In addition, not only the usual way of transporting goods by air, UTC also provides multimodal transportation services combining sea and air, air and air services. , transfer to Singapore and Dubai, helping customers reduce costs and get the fastest shipping service, the most effective.


For forwarding, we cover a wide range of services from shippers' warehouses to airports or warehouses (airport-airport, door-airport, airport-door, door-door)

The commodities that UTC is shipping to customers today are varied: from general cargo to perishable cargo and dangerous cargo.

Types of Goods: